February 20, 2021

More Powerful than a Presidential Pardon: How the Redeeming Work of Christ Restores All Things – Ephesians 1:7-10

A Quick survey of the history of presidential pardons reveals that this act to set aside punishment for a federal crime is riddled with controversy and scandal. From George Washington to the present day, the reality of the pardon has drawn our attention to the power vested in one man to remove the penalty for a crime. However, as powerful as this act is, it cannot remove the true guilt or change the heart of the criminal, cannot make right the wrongs done, or bring any change to the human condition that produces such offenses. What if there was such a power vested in a sovereign ruler? Enjoy this sermon from Ephesians as the Apostle Paul reveals the power of God in redemption that is far greater than a pardon.


Online worship service from the Compass Church in Mason, Michigan.

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