Dear Parents,

This year your children will be studying the promises of God on Saturday nights. The curriculum is Faithful To All His Promises published by Children Desiring God. Our aim is to lead children in knowing the promises of God and to place confidence in the promises.

Children will face real life situations as they grow up— sometimes things will be hard, sometimes difficult situations last a long time, and life does not always seem fair. What will carry them through these situations victoriously is an unshakeable faith in the Almighty God who works all things for good for His children. (Romans 8:32) Faith grows by trusting in the promises of God in spite of seemingly impossible odds that they could be fulfilled, and seeing God watch over His Word to perform it. (Jer.1:12).

As children see a God who is not only Almighty, to see that His promises are fulfilled but also faithful to His Word, they will learn that God is who He claims He is. It is our prayer at Compass Church that as your child faces difficulties, fears, and discomfort, you will lead your child to the promises of God and encourage your child to trust in the God who makes such promises. Our God is worthy to be trusted!

May God bless you as you nurture the faith of your child.

Tonia Kent

– Sunday School Director