On December 20, 1974, 10-year-old Chris Carrier was kidnapped.

Before that day was over, Chris would be stabbed repeatedly, shot in the head and then left to die in the Florida Everglades.

And yet, that was not the most shocking and unthinkable thing that would happen to Chris Carrier.

This is the God story of what happened after December 20, 1974 when, decades later, Chris Carrier’s one turned out to be the man who had once tried to kill him.

“Kidnapped: A God Story” is more than just a true crime podcast with an impossible-to-believe ending. This is a tool you can use to start gospel conversations with your one. Listen to “Kidnapped: A God Story” and then share it with someone you know who needs to hear and understand the peace and the joy that can only be found in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Because portions of this true story may be frightening for younger listeners, we recommend parents listen first before sharing with their children.