Mission Team Update: Builder’s for Christ 2021 in Appleton, WI

The Compass Church was so excited to send some of our folks to make this mission a success. Because our mission is “pointing people toward restoration and satisfaction in Jesus” we seek to cooperate with other churches and Gospel proclaiming believers to help build Christ’s Kingdom.
From our Team Leader – Nancy McNeilly
“Builders for Christ trip to Valley Baptist Church in Appleton, Wisconsin. Much was accomplished by our construction team because the Kitchen Crew fed them well!? Seriously we all worked hard but at the same time had lot of fun. The kitchen crew was up at 4:30 so we could start breakfast at 5:30 to serve at 7:00. We got creative to stay awake (but you can see by some of the pictures it didn’t work for all) we dyed our hair, had masquerade parade, celebrated several birthdays, including a big ‘50th’, isn’t that right Andrea Hawkins! The Construction Crew was amazing and wouldn’t stop for a break until they finished a project. A wonderful way to meet and get to know people from different areas, as we had people from Kentucky, South Carolina, North Carolina. California and Michigan. Already looking forward to going next July.”