July 17, 2021

Biblical Submission in the Church and the Home: Ephesians 5:15-33


If you searched the internet for a list of topics to grow a church and entertain the community around it, the sermon topic for this sermon would not be found. Very few of us, if we are honest, look forward to an in-depth sermon on the Biblical topic of submission in the church and within the Christian home. And yet, when we look at the New Testament and especially at the Book of Ephesians we cannot escape either the theme of submission or its application in the everyday life of believers. With all that understood, we also care very deeply about abuses in the local church and the home and outline the necessity for believers to not submit in certain circumstances. We hope this sermon will help equip you and your family to understand and apply Biblical submission. Online worship service from the Compass Church in Mason, Michigan.



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