Update on The Mason Food Bank Outreach!

UPDATE FROM JANUARY 2, 2021: Another $100 was given so our total is now $200 in Cash and 492 lbs. in food!!!

Way to go Compass Church!!!

We collected 492 lbs of food + $100 in cash for the Mason Food Bank!!! ??
From Jennifer Bauer (Outreach organizer)…
“Take the car, I thought.
We won’t have collected as much this year, I thought.
Don’t make Dave come help, just let him sleep in, I thought.
Boy, was I wrong on all counts! I’m so glad I brought Dave and we used the Suburban, because man, Church, you showed up to minister to our community! When we looked at all of the boxes and bags at the church, we had some concerns about fitting it all in the Suburban. But it fit and the volunteers at the Mason Food Bank were SO EXCITED when we pulled in!
Our total this year came to 492 pounds of food, plus someone donated $100 towards this and we opted to give it to the Mason Food Bank as cash, so they could purchase exactly what they need, when they need it.
Thank you for caring for the Mason community, for the families and individuals who are in need, and for being a testimony of generosity and compassion!” ❤